Paediatric Dentistry in Uxbridge

Getting young smiles off to a healthy start in life is one of our greatest passions at Dentistry on Brock. At our friendly dental office, children love coming in. Dr. Dave and his team ensure that kids have a positive experience at every visit. It’s vital that we build trust with all of our young patients. We tell parents that we want to forge a lifetime relationship with their child so they can enjoy optimal oral health throughout every stage of life.

Dental Education for Parents-to-Be

As patient education is a big part of what we do, we will provide parents-to-be with information about issues such as nursing bottle decay and tooth care for young children. Dr. Dave will discuss paediatric dentistry with couples as soon as they tell him they’re pregnant. He provides them with a booklet with information about children’s dentistry.

Before your child’s visit, we encourage you to bring them into the practice to accompany you to your checkup appointment or their older sibling’s one. Doing so will familiarize your child with our practice.

The best age to bring your child in for their first exam is 2 and a half to 3 years of age. If your child feels comfortable bringing in a toy or favorite stuffed animal, we invite them to do so. We can even count their teddy bear’s teeth!

Here’s what to expect at the initial visit: a ride in the dental chair, a counting of your child’s teeth, a toothbrush and visit to the prize box.

We offer the following dental services to our paediatric patients:

  • Cleanings
  • Exams
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Minor orthodontics

  • Restorations
  • Sealants
  • X-rays

As every child is different, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry. Instead, Dr. Dave takes a customized approach for the individual child. Every child is treated individually as to their unique oral health needs.

Helping Kids and Parents Feel Comfortable

We understand that some children and their parents feel anxious about a child’s first trip to see the dentist. Rest assured that your child is in excellent hands. We will always communicate what we’re going to do before beginning. You also are welcome to accompany your child to the operatory while they have their exam and cleaning. Please be supportive and refrain from relaying any anxiety you may be feeling to your child.

Another way we help to put children at ease is by speaking to their interests. For example, if your child brings in a stuffed animal such as a dog, we may ask if your child has a dog. By encouraging conversation with young patients, they are distracted from thinking about the dental care they’re receiving.

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